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Plastic Surgery Procedures
Tummy Tucks

Extra skin and extra fat are removed and week abdominal muscles are tightened and repaired in the tummy tuck operation. Patients who have had this operation are among the most satisfied in cosmetic surgery. In smaller patients the recovery time to return to work is 10 days and in the larger patient the return to work time is around 21 days.

Laser Assisted Liposculpture

Liposculpting ideally is used to remove bulges of fat that occur in women in the abdomen, flanks, back, and thigh areas. In men this fat is found in the "love-handle" areas and just below the bellybutton. A pressure garment is worn afterwards and recovery time to return to work is three to five days.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation is the most common operation in cosmetic surgery. The original scope of the operation to enlarge small breasts has been expanded to include the correction of different shapes, nipple size and position, and hanging breasts. In most cases the scar is small and can be placed where it is minimally visible. Frequently an office worker can have surgery on Thursday or Friday and return to work on Monday or Tuesday. This field also includes breast lift and breast reduction operations. These operations are more complex and require longer recovery time.

Skin Rejuvenation

Additional techniques to erase deeper lines and remove age spots may include the use of lasers, peels, and dermabrasions. Each of these have a recovery time to be able to apply make-up of about 10 days.The fastest growing segment of cosmetic surgery is in-office technologies that erase fine lines and improve skin quality with Botox, injectable fillers, and Intense Pulsed Light. These procedures have instantaneous results and have no down time.Restoration of youthful appearing skin may include medical skin care regimens , Botox, injectable fillers, lasers, peels, and dermabrasions. All beautiful women have great skin. Everyone over 35 years of age can improve the quality of their skin with medical skin care regimens featuring prescription strength ingredients. Commercial over-the-counter products make the skin look better with agents that cover the surface of the skin. Dr. Strahan uses a time-tested combination of products that actually penetrate the skin and make the skin healthier.

Fat Transfer and Implants

The loss of soft tissue in the face produces unwanted depressions and valleys, especially around the eyes, in the cheeks, and over the jaw line. Soft tissue loss can be restored either by adding to the soft tissue with synthetic fillers or autogenous fat taken from ones own body, or by enhancing the underlying facial bones with solid implants.

The emerging science of moving fat from one part of the body (usually thighs or abdomen) to other parts of the body (usually the face and occasionally the breasts and buttocks) has coined the phrase "fat is the soft tissue filler of the future". Fat has three advantages:

  1. fat is safe
  2. the supply is inexhaustable
  3. it permits sculpting of any and all facial features

The field of synthetic fillers continues to expand almost on a monthly basis and their use is customized to the patients needs. Most are labeled "non-permanent".

Cosmetic Forehead, Face, and Neck Lift

Surgery to restore the more youthful look to the face may include various combinations of forehead lift, face lift, and/or neck lift operations performed through small incisions with minimally invasive techniques, thus promoting quick recovery and a natural look.

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

The goal of cosmetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty is to create facial harmony. That is, to make changes to a nose that doesn't fit the face to a nose that helps enhance other facial features. This is a safe and predictable operation that delivers permanent results. This operation is usually performed in outpatient facilities and the recovery time to return to work is usually one week.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Extra fat and skin in the upper and lower eyelids give the middle of the face a tired, aged look. The goal of the cosmetic eyelid operation or blepharoplasty is to restore a clean, rested appearance. The operation is usually performed in outpatient facilities and the recovery time to return to work is usually one week.